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In this today’s fast-paced and digital world, businesses are increasingly coming under immense pressure to offer 24 7 live chat support. According to a recent study conducted by Hubspot, 60% of customers expect a response within 10 minutes upon contacting your customer support team. And to underwrite the strong attachment with good customer service, the same study revealed that 76% of customers are more likely to recommend your business upon encountering a good customer experience. Unfortunately, not every business has the resources to hire live chat agents on a full-time basis. And that’s where our Ukrainian-based 24/7 live chat outsourcing agency comes in. 
We help businesses optimize online conversions, increase ROI, engage web visitors, resolve customer queries, and handle complaints by providing dedicated live chat agents. We pride ourselves on being professional, empathetic, and customer-centric. We also understand that every customer request calls for rapid response and resolution, and we strive to see all our clients achieve success in the shortest time possible.

Tasks Performed by Website Chat Support Teams We Build

Given the critical role played by the customer service personnel, it is important to hire an experienced live chat support agent or agency. One that is capable of handling a huge volume of live chat queries without compromising on the quality of customer experience. Our team of live chat agents for hire are always on standby to help your business in any live chat-related tasks including:
– Give your customers prompt answers
– Handling T1-T3 customer inquiries
– Providing extensive expertise across different fields including tech, health, eCommerce, and so much more
– Responding to chat inquiries according to your pre-drawn scripts and professional background
– Curating live chat logs for transparency
– Supporting customers before, during, and after business hours
– Setting up live chat bots upon request

Remote 24/7 Live Chat Support Through Diverse Systems

Our agency gives you a competitive edge by providing highly trained and experienced website chat support personnel to convert clicks into sales and queries into happy customers. What’s more, our professionals can provide the highest level of support across multiple ticketing systems including:

Zendesk Chat Support

Zendesk is one of the widely used help desk software on the market today and it is used by multiple companies to cultivate better relationships with their customers. If you are looking to hire live chat customer service professionals, our Zendesk specialists will help in ticket management, tracking customers’ issues, and fostering better relationships with the customers.

Hubspot Live Chat Support

As a business, rapid customer acquisition can be overwhelming to a small in-house customer support team. Worse still, keeping customers waiting could trigger a massive exodus from your site to those of your competitors. Our agents can help your business centralize, manage, prioritize, track, and troubleshoot customer requests, ultimately accelerating the overall response time and streamlining your live chat processes.

Intercom Chat Support

Our remote assistance live chat agents will also help optimize your company’s entire customer lifecycle via Intercom including conversation routing, collaborative inbox, improve customer insights, and standard data importation.

Zoho Desk Live Chat Support

Zoho Desk is a multivariate tool that allows your customers to reach you via live chat, social media, email, telephone, or the web forms on the homepage. Our team of live chat professionals will also keep tabs with your customers to understand their concerns better and offer more timely, personalized help via Zoho.

Freshdesk Live Chat Support

Our agency will also help you integrate a single live chat virtual assistant team or a wholesome omnichannel support team covering Freshdesk. Our specialists will help improve your customer support processes by streamlining customer conversations, leveraging automation to eliminate repetition, and collaborate to resolve customer issues faster.

Olark Chat Support

Olark is an affordable and versatile live chat tool that businesses can leverage to increase conversion rates, gather customer insights, and even reply to customer queries. Outsource live chat support with our agency to access all these services and much more within the Olark chat ecosystem.

Drift Customer Chat Support

Drift helps centralize your sales and marketing efforts under a single roof, making it easier for your support team to deliver real-time personalized customer experiences. This in turn shortens your sales cycles, increases your revenue, and strengthens your brand. Our online chat agents for hire will help schedule meetings with customers, send files to the customers, type preset commands, insert tags to your conversations, identify Conversation Qualified Lead (CQL), and keep tabs with site activity.

Facebook Live Chat Support

Boasting over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular live chat tools on the market. As a business, there’s also a high likelihood that your customers are using Facebook Messenger. If you wish to establish and maintain a customer support presence on Facebook, our team of live chat agents can help.

Instagram Live Chat Support

Instagram is a powerful live chat tool for any business. Our professional live chat agents will help create instant automated DM’s to your customers or story mentions redirecting them to your offers, link, pre-set welcome message, and even resolve their problems.

How We Hire Live Chat Customer Service Agents

Finding a great live chat support team is easier said than done. Businesses can experience high turnover rates, which sometimes go above 50% annually. Still, constantly needing to source, recruit, hire, and train customer service agents can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Our agency has put in place modern recruitment strategies to ensure our clients not only get the very best in the field, as well as avoid a high turnover rate. 

Here is a step-by-step outline of our recruitment process for live chat support reps.

Book Time with Us

The first step in our hiring process entails setting up a virtual meeting to establish your hiring needs, the skills needed to fill your position, the language needed, and auditing your customer support conversions. While at it, we will also delve into your business processes to understand your core values and business culture.

Selection of Live Chat Reps

After establishing your needs, we will begin the process of sourcing the right candidates. At this stage, we will draft a catchy advert to ensure we only attract the most skilled candidates. Luckily for you, this process is relatively fast as we have a huge pool of live chat professionals to choose from and a robust referral-based system. We will also send you the resumes of the chosen candidates for your consideration.

Screening of Live Chat Reps

The next step entails profiling the different candidates and choosing the ones with the right skill set for your position. After that, we’ll make arrangements to conduct interviews via Skype, Zoom, or any video conferencing tool of choice. We can also help you verify the candidate’s salary fit,  attrition risk, and references upon request.

Contract Signing

By now, the screening and interview process has been concluded and you have the right 24 hour live chat operator or team. We will discuss your live chat staff workflow, agree on a starting date, and sign the contract.

Go Live

The process of handling your platforms will begin. While at it, we will also help with the onboarding process, as well as the pre-process training if need be.

Outsource live chat support to dedicated agents at cost-effective rates!

Benefits of Outsourcing Live Chat Operators

Although having an in-house team gives you greater control over your support team, the benefits are far outweighed by those of outsourcing. Below is an outline of the advantages of live chat support outsourcing.

Effective Resolution of Customer Queries

For any business, the most prominent concern lies in attending to customer queries in an efficient and timely manner. Multiple voice calls can sometimes clog the system, leaving customers waiting for a long time. And in a world where customers expect a response within 10 minutes, this can lead to a massive loss of customers. Live chat services, on the other hand, allow businesses to respond instantly, ultimately improving how your brand is perceived by the customers. Still, outsourced live chat reps specialize in this process, which reduces the turnaround time for resolving customer issues.

Convenient for Customers

The thought of asking customer support executives questions and waiting for responses doesn’t ogre well with some customers. However, live chat support is a convenient way to ask and receive responses to highly specific and detailed questions, as the outsourced reps can provide 24/7 customer support. As such, the customers can spend more time on your site making purchases as opposed to obsessing with the unnecessary nitty-gritty.


Another key benefit of the outsourcing hiring model is its cost-saving aspect. As a business, having an in-house team requires you to pay the employee’s salaries, shoulder their insurance costs, and even the cost of buying the equipment. Outsourcing live chat services to third-party agencies, on the other hand, allows you to scale up or scale doesn’t your team, allowing you to pay only for what you get.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction is yet another primary benefit of having live chat on your website. The best outsourced live chat services provider is able to engage and respond to your customers instantly, which is a key ingredient in customer satisfaction. Recent statistics published by TechJury Studies indicate that 76% of customers prefer live chat customer support, with email and phone scoring 61% and 44% respectively.

In-House vs. Outsourced Live Chat: What’s Better?

One of the biggest dilemmas facing businesses lies in choosing between an in-house team or an outsourced chat answering service. In this section, we will put these two hiring models head-to-head to help you determine what works better for your company.

Why Build a Dedicated Team of Live Chat Support Reps Through Our Company?

There are many reasons why you should outsource live chat 24/7 with us:

Experienced Live Chat Reps

Our live chat reps boast industry knowledge in managing a huge variety of live chat tools, which allows them to serve your best interests effectively and with speed and flexibility.

24/7 Liveperson Chat Support

Our agency, as a live chat outsourcing support service provider, functions around the clock, meaning you and your customers are covered non-stop. This in turn allows your business to grow and scale without spending a fortune recruiting new reps.


All our services offer flexible terms, allowing you to scale either upwards or downwards depending on your needs. This flexibility is particularly important for small businesses strapped for cash, as it lets you pay for what you get.

Faster Turnaround Time

Our live chat reps pay extra attention to the time taken to respond to and resolve customers’ issues and are always striving to ensure they respond in as minimal live chat iterations as possible. As such, your customers can rest easy knowing that they’ll receive an almost instant response.

Multilingual Chat Support

Our live chat customer service representative remote agents speak multiple languages, which allows them to find the best approach when responding to customer queries, as well as ensure a high customer satisfaction rate irrespective of the location of your customers.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about how to hire remote live chat support agents in Ukraine!

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