Q1: What are the benefits of live chat as a support channel?

Having a live chat support outsourcing channel offers a wide range of benefits. A few important ones include:

  • Quicker response in real-time environment
  • Faster and accurate customer feedback
  • Lesser fatigue and emotional hurling
  • Multilingual automated conversation options
  • Reduced waiting queue time due to multi-tasking ability
  • Preferred channel of communication for over 75% of people
  • Increased customer satisfaction and royalty to the brand service
  • Remote live chat sales support rep helps enhance conversion rate and sales
  • Reduced barrier pertaining to accent, pronunciation, culture, and others
  • Easy to manage a lesser volume of data for recorded chatting in text forms
  • Much easier to outsource for reduced cost
  • And many others
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Q2: What are the types of live chat support and which ones your company may provide?

Based on different categories, there are different types of live chat answering services support, which may include:

  • Multilingual live chat – This is a type of live chat support, which is based on more than one language used for entertaining the customers complaints and queries. It can be powered by automated translation services as well as can be accomplished manually through outsourced live chat agents.
  • 24×7 support – A live chat support conducted round the clock and seven days a week is known as 24×7 support. It can be provided through dedicated live chat outsourcing teams either located in diverse locations or work in multiple shifts at one workplace.
  • Multi-platform chat – Based on the types of platforms, there are different types of live chat support such as Zendesk, Facebook, Instagram, Zoho, and many others. A live chat team uses multiple platforms for responding to customer queries.
  • Peak hours support – A type of live chat customer service representative remote support provided based on a few peak hours when the load of complaints and queries is very high. The main objective of this type of live chat support is to help in-house teams in specific hours when the volume of customer queries goes beyond the capacity of the team.
  • Off peak hours support – Type of live chat agents remote service, which offers support for only a few hours when the load of queries is very low, especially in the night hours when in-house team is not working. And for the peak hours, the in-house team of the company provides the support.

Our company offers all those types of live chat staffing services along with additional consulting support and custom solutions.

Q3: Remote live chat agents vs in-house employer vs freelancers: who should I hire?

All those three types of hiring model for live chat agents have their own benefits and downsides. If we compare the benefits, to hire a live chat agent remotely is the best option for all types and sizes of companies. The comparison of major areas of those three hiring models are shown in the table:

Comparing AreasRemote AgentsFreelance AgentsIn-House Agents
Cost-saving on hiring processHighHighLow
Cost-saving on salariesHighHighLow
Access to the talentHighHighLow
Data securityHighLowHigh
Scalability timeShortShortLong
Hiring timeShortShortLong
Working hour flexibilityHighHighLow

Q4: What are the perks of website chat outsourcing?

The major perks to outsource live chat operators include:

  • Substantial cost saving
  • Greater time to focus on core business ideas
  • Professional customer support
  • Round the clock services in real-time environment
  • Fully managed services without any interruptions
  • Faster scaling up and down of remote teams
  • Multilingual and multichannel support
  • And others

Q5: What are some of the pitfalls of chat outsourcing and how can I avoid them?

The most important downsides of using support team live chat outsourcing include:

  • Data confidentiality. Customer support representatives have access to sensitive business information and customer confidential data. By using live chat outsourcing companies, sensitive data confidentiality may be compromised.

Avoidance: get a detailed written agreement with certified and the best live chat agents providers entailing strict compliance to confidentiality, security, and integrity of data.  

  • Less control. As compared to the in-house team, outsourced remote assistance live chat support offers lesser control due to far-off locations.

Avoidance: make a better plan and procedures for regular monitoring and performance evaluation on a regular basis.

  • Less product know-how. The outsourced team that you build by hiring live chat and email support agents remotely has either less or no knowledge about your product or service.

Avoidance: you need to provide detailed online training to your remote agents for providing the best outsource live chat services to your customers.

Q6: Why should I outsource your web chat services to your company?

We are a professional-grade recruiting agency for providing the best live online chat sales outsource team with numerous advantages such as:

  • Right team with right skill sets
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Great quality with industry standards
  • Fully managed services
  • Greater branding with your corporate identity
  • Faster turnaround time and continuous support
  • And much more

Q7: Can I outsource chat support 24/7 through you?

Yes, of course! You can outsource live chat support 24/7 through our expert recruiting team. We provide you with the comprehensive solution for an uninterrupted round the clock service powered by:

  • High-quality representatives
  • Branded workspace
  • Multi-shift teams
  • Professional management
  • Cost-effective solution
  • And much more

Q8: Can I form a team of multilingual live chat agents?

Yes, you can form a remote live chat support team of multilingual agents through our specialized recruitment and consulting services in Ukraine.  

Q9:  How much time does it take to hire a live chat support agent through your services?

You can get a live chat support agent hired within 2 to 4 weeks after you place a recruitment order for us. The recruitment process includes:

  • Client shares requirement and ideal candidate profile
  • Our team sources candidate profiles matching your requirements
  • We shortlist the candidates’ profiles and get approval from clients for further processing
  • Our company arranges a series of interviews in coordination with clients
  • We seek final approval from the clients for the successful candidate to offer job  
  • Recruitment team of our company sends job offer to candidate for acceptance
  • Client goes in contract with the hired candidate
  • Our team on-boards the newly hired candidate to join your team
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Q10: What live chat systems the agents hired through you may support?

We recruit a wide range of live chat representatives like Zendesk live chat support agent, social media chat agents, and numerous collaboration and coordination platforms. A few very important systems supported by our remote agents include:

  • Facebook messenger
  • Instagram Live
  • LinkedIn live chat
  • Zoho platform
  • HubSpot
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk Suite
  • LiveChat
  • Intercom
  • LiveAgent
  • Slack
  • Drift Customer Chat
  • Olark
  • And others

Q12: Why do many businesses from different countries choose Ukraine as a destination for building support teams?

What is the best outsourced live chat support team building destination? This is a very common question in the minds of all enterprises looking for constructing a remote team. The most suitable answer to this question is Ukraine due to numerous great reasons such as:

  • Highly professional workforce – Ukrainian workers are very well-known for their commitment, flexibility, consistency, and reliability. Businesses always love the staff that offers those behaviors in delivering their responsibilities because they create a great value.
  • Competitive prices – Ukraine is a highly competitive market in the world. Building a live chat support team in this country saves substantial cost on hiring process, remote team management, and salaries of live chat representatives.
  • Greater quality – The quality and cost ratio offered by the live chat support team formed in Ukraine is much higher than many competitor countries in the world. This attracts enterprises to choose Ukraine as an outsourcing destination.
  • Ideal location – Ukraine is located in the Eastern Europe, which is a central geographical location for many countries of Europe, North America, Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and others. Physical traveling from those countries is much easier and cheaper for the companies. The overlapped working hours with those countries help businesses to establish better coordination and effective communication.
  • Shared culture – Ukraine shares the European culture, which is very well-known to all enterprises across the globe. This makes businesses feel easy to interact with the remote live chat support team located in all parts of the country.
  • Multilingual population – English is a very common language spoken by a majority of the knowledgeable workforce. There is a huge population that can speak English very fluently. There is a sizable workforce with additional language skills such as Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slavic, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Crimean Tatar, and others.

If you are in search of hiring live chat support specialists remotely, get in touch with us and build a remote live chat support team in Ukraine now!