Perks of Extending Teams with an Instagram and a Facebook Live Chat Agent

Social media websites, especially Facebook and Instagram, play a very vital role in modern digital marketing, sales, and advertisement domains. According to Statista projections, total social media spending is expected to cross $233.18 billion by 2025 from $153.97 billion in 2021 at a whopping double-digit growth of over 10.93% during the forecast period. Providing proper assistance to online social media-based customers through Instagram and Facebook support team live chat offers a wide range of perks to your business such as:

  • Increased conversion rate – The live support on social media and websites increases the conversion rate by over 2.8 times. Thus, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook business support live chat provide a huge boot to your conversion rate. 
  • Higher customer satisfaction – Social-media live chat services improve customer satisfaction by getting the right assistance at the right time when they need it. A satisfied customer becomes a frequent buyer and loyal to the brand value.
  • Effective marketing campaigns – With the help of Instagram and Facebook live chat ad support, businesses can achieve the most desirable results of marketing campaigns. Live chat supports generating multiple leads by maintaining professional communication with the prospect clients.
  • Engagement with a larger customer base – Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2.8 billion users and increasing by over a million users on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Instagram has over one billion users. Facebook and Instagram customer service live chat increases the engagement of enterprises with a huge customer base.
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How and Where to Hire an Instagram and a Facebook Live Chat Operator?

You can use multiple ways of hiring an Instagram or FB chat support operator such as:

  1. Outstaffing – In this method, a remote live chat support agent is recruited to work dedicatedly on your projects with full control. It is a very useful way for all types and sizes of companies worldwide.
  2. Freelancers – It is a very cost-efficient but unreliable model of hiring. You can choose one from any freelancer website to directly work on your projects.
  3. In-house team extension – This is a traditional form of hiring FB customer service chat agents from the local market and place in your on-premises team. It is a costly model with numerous legal and industry bindings.

Outstaffing is the best option for recruiting dedicated live chat agents remotely in an attractive destination like Ukraine through professional recruitment agencies like us.

Main Signs When Your Business Needs to Outsource Facebook and Instagram Chat Support

You should consider to outsource live chat support on Instagram & Facebook when your business shows signs like:

  • When the conversion rate through Facebook and Instagram starts dropping continuously
  • The rate of cart abandonment is continuously increasing
  • If your marketing campaign is not finding sufficient leads through social media
  • When the outreach of your Facebook post and Instagram stories declines significantly
  • If a huge backlog of customer queries exists for long period
  • You get bad reviews and comments on Facebook and Instagram stories, video, images, and other posts 
  • When you marketing campaigns fail to produce desirable results   

How We May Help You in Building Remote Teams for Live Chat Support Services?

We are able to help our clients in numerous ways to build remote teams for live chat support services such as:

  • HR consultancy – Our team can provide a most suitable solution for remote live chat support services by analyzing the status of your customer services and requirements
  • Expanding existing teams – We can enhance your existing live chat support for Facebook and Instagram social media websites in line with emerging requirements
  • New team building – Our company can help you build a new Facebook and Instagram live chat team from scratch to fulfil the requirements and achieve the desired business goals.
  • Custom hiring – Our teams are expert at providing different types of custom solutions that are 100% matching to your business needs such as temporary hiring, part-time/full-time recruitments, contact- and project-based employment, and many others.
  • Diverse support types – Our services can hire Facebook ad team chat support agents for you that can provide multi-level (L1, L2, L3), multi-lingual, multichannel, and other types of support services simultaneously under one roof. A social media customer can get technical assistance for higher level technical issues through a remote live chat representative easily.
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How Does Our Remote Hiring Service Work?

The workflow of your recruitment process is based on the predefined responsibilities of three major stakeholders such as:

#1. Our Client

  • Shares desired requirements & objectives
  • Provides ideal profiles of candidates
  • Confers approvals

#2. Our Hiring Team

  • Searches and shares matching CVs with clients
  • Shortlists resumes through screening process
  • Arranges series of interviews in coordination with clients
  • Makes job offers

#3. Our Resource Management Team

  • Brands workspaces in line with corporate identity
  • Onboards the hired teams
  • Keeps in touch and facilitates the remote teams

Major Benefits of Having a Facebook and Instagram Online Support Chat Team in Ukraine

Having a remote team for Facebook & Instagram live chat support in Ukraine offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Customer relationship – Ukrainian representatives are highly professional with a customer-focused approach of engagement, which enhances customer satisfaction, user experience, and brand loyalty significantly.
  • Cost saving – Ukraine is highly competitive outsourcing destination and helps clients save substantial cost in the form of recruitment as well as representative salaries
  • Greater quality – The price/quality ratio offered by Ukrainian specialists is very high as compared to many competitors
  • Ideal location – It is very easy both physical traveling and remote communication due to the central location and overlapped working hours.
  • Large talent pool – Ukraine has a huge pool of qualified, skilled, and tech-savvy talent to choose the most matching candidate for live chat support services.

Boost sales and customer satisfaction through professional-grade customer support by hiring remote Instagram and Facebook messenger live chat support representatives in Ukraine.

If you are looking to outsource social media live chat support service, get in touch with us and build a remote Instagram & Facebook live chat support team in Ukraine!

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