Engage More Users with Intercom Chat Support Agents 

It’s essential to optimize each stage of your customer lifecycle to increase the number of conversions. That’s why always being ready to answer your potential clients’ queries is one of the essential services your business should offer. And Intercom chat support agents will help you with this challenging task. A team of top online chat specialists will help engage new users with real-time responses and reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs). So the benefits of website chat support are:

  • Agents keep customers engaged, and users won’t leave your web page just because they couldn’t resolve minor issues. That’s because visitors are welcome to chat on every page of your website.
  • Chat specialists are very effective. Since the Intercom software lets them know the context of each query, agents can solve problems very quickly or transfer the request to the right specialist. Thus, you can minimize the turnaround time.
  • You can control and adjust interactions with potential clients. Since every message your Intercom chat service operator receives and sends is saved to the system, you can analyze that data. It’ll help you detect weak and strong points of your communication and customer service. 
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Why Outsourcing Intercom Chat Support Representative Is a Good Idea 

Hiring an in-house team of professional chat agents requires a lot of resources and funds. Sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, training, and starting all over again due to high turnover isn’t time and cost-effective. Moreover, you’ll need to pay salaries, taxes, rentals, and various administrative costs related to your online chat team. Instead, we offer to delegate all these tasks to professionals and focus on delivering top-notch customer support. Here are only some of the benefits of making us your Intercom and Zoho live chat support agents provider: 

  • You get more professional agents for less money. Since we cooperate with Ukraine-based specialists, our clients can leverage lower salaries than those in Western Europe and the USA.
  • You’ll offer 24/7 support. Our operators are ready to offer their professional services day and night, and we help coordinate shifts of every Intercom live chat customer support specialist.
  • You can communicate with your clients in their language. We cooperate with chat experts who can speak many languages, so it’ll be easy to make your visitors’ interaction experience flawless.

Build your team of Intercom chat support agents and offer an excellent customer experience!

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