Why Equip Your Brand With LiveChat Support Agents

If potential customers have questions when they’re about to make a purchase, answers should come immediately. No one will wait for minutes, and most visitors will just leave your website even with a full cart. That’s why online chats are vital for your business, and LiveChat is a great software solution for this. So, why do customers like chats?

  • Chats are here and now. Online chats are on every page of your website, inviting users for a talk, so once they need help –– it’s at their fingertips. Moreover, chats are more friendly and personalized than official emails, social media messages, or contact forms.
  • LiveChat operators know the context. Since the system traces each action of your website visitor, agents see the customer journey and start messaging being fully aware of the context.
  • Queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. Professional agents need minimal training to solve problems or transfer their customers to have this issue resolved soon. 

But once you decide to hire live chat agents, you need to choose the format of your cooperation. Below you’ll find some advantages of the outsourcing model we offer. 

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Benefits We Offer in Building a LiveChat Support Team 

Though employing a full-time chat support team gives better control, remote cooperation has way more pluses. And our outsourcing services add more reliability to this workflow. That’s what we offer:

  • You save on payrolls. We hire professionals from Ukraine, and average salaries there are much lower than in Western Europe or the USA. 
  • You pay a fixed fee while we take care of sourcing, onboarding, training, retention, and covering all administrative issues related to your live chat team. 
  • You have access to top professionals. Offering online customer support by LiveChat requires experienced staff. And we know where to find those specialists as we use advanced recruiting techniques and leverage our own referral systems. 
  • You get 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. Our LiveChat agents can speak French, Spanish, Italian, German, and many more languages. And these professionals are ready to work around the clock for you.
  • You pay only for what you need. If you want to change the number of your chat operators or, for example, add other professionals like Facebook live chat support agents, we’re flexible to such requirements. 

Build a remote LiveChat support team to grow your revenue, ROI, and customer satisfaction!

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