How Zendesk Live Chat Support Agent Can Empower Your Business

Communicating with potential customers is vital for businesses because the quicker your prospects get responses, the higher are the chances that they’ll buy from you. That’s why all top companies incorporate real-time chat support on their websites. And you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to support your potential clients during each stage of their customer experience –– no matter if they have anything on their carts or not. And to equip your company with 24 7 live chat support, you’ll need decent software and professional agents. Setting up a Zendesk Chat and hiring a Zendesk customer support chat specialist is an excellent solution because:

  • People feel more comfortable in chat than, for example, in more formal emails
  • It’s quicker than switching to a social network or writing an email
  • Zendesk chat agents know the context of each use case
  • Live chat is easy to find and engage in –– usually, chat windows pop up automatically
  • The customer journey isn’t interrupted as users can start chatting from every page of your website

Moreover, a Zendesk live support chat representative will help you:

  • Track conversations and keep their history, maintaining long-term personalized relationships with every customer
  • Build rapport between your brand and customers, as when the buying experience is too tricky, and questions aren’t answered, people don’t buy
  • Collect analytics about the interaction of your leads, prospects, and customers with your brand.
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Why Outsource Zendesk Chat Support

The outsourcing model has several advantages over hiring an in-house Zendesk live SMS chat operator:

  • It’s more cost-efficient as you can save on payrolls, rentals, equipment, and administrative expenses
  • It’s more flexible since you can grow or decrease the number of agents in your team
  • It increases customer satisfaction since remote agents will cover customer queries 24/7 while full-time employees probably won’t

We specialize in building Zendesk or HubSpot chat support agents, and that’s why you can choose us:

  • We have access to the pool of experienced and skilled chat professionals who need minimum iterations to resolve a customer query
  • Our chat reps speak your customers’ language from anywhere in the world –– and they can do it 24/7
  • We help you spend less, as we work with top agents from Ukraine, whose payrolls are much lower than in Western Europe and the USA.

Hire your dedicated Zendesk live chat support agent and improve your customer experience!

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